My handcrafted book, Ode to Gaia, an edition of 200, have all found homes, actually around the globe. Requests keep coming
so I decided to self publish an expanded version.  The book by now 64 pages instead of 40, has 13 new paintings and two new images to color in.
I’ve been editing and then editing again.
Hopefully the last proof is in my hands now and the next step will be books to sell.

           Contact me if you’re interested in ordering one at $20 if hand delivered. $25 if postage required for shipping in the U.S.













I teach ART as a way of knowing, as a way of transforming, as a way of embracing the issues of our time on this planet.
Contact me please for more information:

Drawing Out the Soul – an Expressive Prayer for the Earth : Learning the basic skills of drawing are essential
for all kinds of other creative pursuits and literally change the way you see the world around you.
Clarity and truth become more accessible. Like a high quality of meditation, you become
present to the here and now. I guide you in learning how to see, to value the light AND the dark,
to embrace the negative space as it defines the positive shape. It’s really all about relationship…
I prefer teaching it in two hour segments over three or four sessions to give time for integrating
the skills you learn, but I can also offer it as a one day workshop.
Let me know what you’d like.


Intuitive Painting: I am all about intuitive painting, whether it be Gaian or not.

Currently, 2018, I am guiding a series called Deep Dreaming. You can read about it here.

These paintings are guided by spirit – those realities beyond our typical rational, logical ways of knowing
which are distinctive and true ways of knowing none the less.

Sacred images pour from your soul, flow out of your hand/arm, empty from your belly/mind.
 You are able to engage with the Source which contains you, to express your response to the mystery of being alive.
I call  intuitive painting good medicine for whatever ails us, our culture, our world.


Prayer Painting: Prayer Painting, intimately interconnected with intuitive painting, is painting with a purpose:
 intention to bless, to heal, to offer solace, to work through.
Painting with intention transforms grief to grace, the scared to the sacred,
anger to compassion. the loneliness and estrangement to belonging and community.

For an example, you can watch a short video called From Grief to Grace
which chronicles a prayer painting I did in March 2014 to honor the death of a friend in a calamity of most unusual proportions.

michels angel 007 - Copy

For all workshops, classes and presentations about Ecstatic Wisdom Postures, check HERE.

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