small hears whales ) (788x800)

This image Gaia #46: S/He Who Hears the Whales Cry has now been seen in two juried art shows during 2016, the annual Collective Visions Gallery show in Bremerton, WA and then later at the annual Best of the Northwest Show at the Northwind Gallery in Port Townsend…A thrill really. And now, for the year of 2017, s/he graces the cover of the Mago Work Calendar: Magoism, the Way of WE in S/He: Return to the Origin of the Great Goddess! Her month is February. My image is accompanied by 11 other amazing pieces of art from women all around the globe. I am proud to be included. You can learn more here: Mago is a reference to the ancient feminine spiritual tradition in Korea. Mago, the modern day organization, begun by Korean scholar, Helen Hye-Sook Hwang, PhD is a hot bed of philosophy, artisty and intelligence from global women’s perspectives.

S/He Who Hears the Whales Cry will surely be a centerpiece at my month long exhibit – April 2017 – at Bainbridge Performing Arts.

As I transform mySelf and my painting, my teaching changes, too. How can it not? I downsized my apartment early Fall of 2015 and turned my whole living space into my art studio. I’ve just begun teaching there again. – January 2017. This time the classes are called Painting Poetic Prayers for the World ( Gaia with a Twist ) and they are currently full and flourishing. However, if the flyer below makes you wish you could experience this painting pilgrimage too, please contact me:
I am always thinking of when/how to offer the next series. Some of have already asked for a weekend format, an intensive and I see this as an option.


I teach ART as a way of knowing, as a way of transforming, as a way of embracing the issues of our time on this planet.
Contact me please for more information:

Intuitive Painting: I am all about intuitive painting, whether it be Gaian or not.
These paintings are guided by spirit – those realities beyond our typical rational, logical ways of knowing
which are distinctive and true ways of knowing none the less.

Sacred images pour from my soul, flow out of my hand/arm, empty from my belly and in working with my mind, not being controlled by it,
I am able to engage with the Source which contains me, to express my response to the mystery of being alive.
I call  intuitive painting good medicine for whatever ails us, our culture, our world.

Prayer Painting: Prayer Painting, intimately interconnected with intuitive painting, is painting with a purpose:
 intention to bless, to heal, to offer solace, to work through.
Painting with intention transforms grief to grace, the scared to the sacred,
anger to compassion. the loneliness and estrangement to belonging and community.

For an example, you can watch a short video called From Grief to Grace
which chronicles a prayer painting I did in March 2014 to honor the death of a friend in a calamity of most unusual proportions.

michels angel 007 - Copy

PAINTING TRUE:   Painting True is intuitive painting at its most playful. Poster paints and large pieces of brown paper help free the inner child and loosen the binds of self criticism to release unexpected glimpses of soul.. The three most recent classes have been accompanied by my own practices called BodySinging and Ecstatic Wisdom Postures and by  Soul Motion(tm), an embodied form of dance taught by Mara Lindbergh. All three modalities contributed significantly to participants expressive freedom. 


engrossedhopecommunal birds


eyesearth energysoul landscape


For all workshops, classes and presentations about Ecstatic Wisdom Postures, check HERE.


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