Ode to Gaia

Sacred ARTivisim has taken a step forward. My first self-published book is now available from me, directly or Amazon worldwide, and hopefully soon, your favorite local independent book seller, too. Right after the last of the 200 copies of the limited edition of the handcrafted version of Ode to Gaia were gone, a woman – a stranger to me from out of state – emailed me and asked to buy 20 of the books. I took this as a message from the universe that I needed to take the plunge into self-publishing and explore the print-on-demand capabilities of our modern era. Of course a miracle occurred as soon as I made that internal decision. A half day workshop on self-publishing was being offered on the island where I live and a friend offered to give me the tuition!!!! Here’s the result: 64 pages, 31 paintings ( 13 additional from the first version and a handful painted just for the book ), 2 pages to inspire your own creativity, and 3 pages of global interconnectivity via the WWW ( worldwideweb ). I am so pleased to have a way to share my message calling for cultural transformation, personal expansion of consciousness and a shift in values so that all life, including our own, can flourish on this small miraculous planet. Here is a sample double page spread:

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